Helpful Apps

Try some of these iPad apps for your assignments

Show Me – great app for page design editing
Haiku deck – great presentation app. Less words, more visuals
Toontastic and Sock Puppets 
Animator Free- cool app allowing for stopgap photos for video

Google hangout- long distance video chat similar to Skype
Audio boo- draw and talk to take notes on an interview. Voice recording tool where you can record and interview and post it
Bai board hd- note taking and drawing pictures from an interview
Voice thread- records interviews and notes
PhotoShop express – edits and photoshops photos, you can also pay
for extra features
Haiku deck – video/photo editing and creation
Bloglovin – you can follow other people’s blogs and create your own blogs

You can take notes
You can share notes with your friends
You can create notebooks and keep certain pages in each notebook
It syncs with google

Cam scanner
You can take a picture of a paper and it makes it look like an actual paper
It’s a good tool for organizing all the papers you receive
You can share in ways such as email and fax.

You can work with your classmates easier
You can set reminders for yourself to do things or bring things
It’s an easy way to categorize events
You can create lists easily

Splice- Video editor
IMotion HD- Put photos into a video
Idea Sketch- Organize ideas into charts



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