Important Sidekick Forms

Story Approval – clearly answer the following questions and email to the appropriate editor. Be clear and specific!

What is the story?

When/Where is it taking place?

Who are your sources? This must be specific names of individuals, not a list of websites.

Why is it of interest to our readers?

Editor-in-chief: Alex Nicoll

Managing editor: Jena Seidemann

Enterprise editor: Kara Hallam

News: Summer Crawford

Editorial: Jena Seidemann

Student Life: Allie Arnold

Entertainment: Stephanie Alexander

Sports: Alex Nicoll

PHOTO REQUESTS: Fill out following photo request and email to photo editor Nicole Messer


GRAPHIC REQUESTS: Fill out the following graphic request and email to graphics editor Josh Martin


Click here for headline writing guidelines


All Files saved as follows:

(photographer name)(subject)(date)_(number)

example: WoffordMeetingSept23_1, WoffordMeetingSept23_2, etc.

Workflow: Follow the follow steps when uploading, editing and prepping photos. Be sure to have both color and grayscale versions for print stories.

Workflow steps

  1. Download, delete, batch name
  2. Photo credit/caption – file info
  3. Level, rotate, crop
  4. Image size
  5. Adjust brightness, contrast and color balance using levels
  6. All other cleanup
  7. Unsharp mask
  8. Mode – RGB/CMYK/Grayscale
  9. Save As

Cutlines: ALWAYS clearly include the 5 W’s and H. Cutlines must be edited by the adviser before posting.


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